Be Better to be Better

​Revelation tells of war and wrath and chaos….. my heart is saddened and hurting for ppl as a nation.  Where those who’ve done nothing are catching the rage of others who are too caught up in their feelings about the trespasses of others….. non connected to them.  This shows not only the ignorance of the population… but the totality of mindset of the world….. satan has his way with 98% of the population and it sickens me. I true test of who you are is how you react and how influenced you are by others instead of having control of yourself and thoughts.  I pass over the posts now bc I can’t physically handle it anymore.  Gits I’ve only been back to social media for like 6 months. Create an don’t ignore what’s going on…. but make your page a sage and joyous page to uplift and inspire others to be better in their life. 


A Call to Action


So I’ve been dedicated to growing the business God instructed me to start. It’s been AWESOME! Also, it’s shown the truth faith and hearts of others. I’ve turned away all walks of life because they couldn’t humble themselves, drowning in self righteousness and pride. To some degree we all fight this. Totally, walking out what Jesus says I will. Other’s lashing out, or putting themselves above others, or speaking about others. I stand proudly to say Jesus is with me. He stands to my right and holds my hand, guiding me, leading me. I say this not as a braggart but to tell you that God wants to be the best friend of everyone. Who am I? I am no one and nothing without Jesus. God lead me to do a business to help others around the world, in many ways including freedom of time, financial freedom, and life in abundance. I’m seeking those around the world ready to prosper in the guidance of Jesus Christ and set a world wide revival. For I lean not on my own understanding but I trust God to guide the ones He chooses to lead others to Him….. that He will bring us together. And we will all grow our business and change lives and give it all back to God. My email is