My family and I have been really digging into the ministries of Creflo and Taffi Dollar. Today, as we were watching via online streaming connected to our big screen tv. I was reminded of something that Shane instilled in me in so many ways.  Fearlessness!!! Pastor Dollar has been working on a series of spiritual blindness. Now as I can say much on the topic and relay all I understand and know about it, I will keep it simple. Fear is the only foothold the enemy has so he can enter your life. Fear is what holds you and binds you to your sickness, poverty, anger, depression, etc.  In the words of Pastor Creflo Dollar,” Fear brings hopelessness,  fear will contaminate your faith.” See the biggest take away I have ever gained from anyone who has ever ministered or fed me was the absolute fearlessness Shane instilled. Knowledge is the key. Ignorance to the Word of God means you will acquire a very large debt to the enemy. I like to use the speeding example. If you are pulled over for speeding and you tell the cop you never saw the sign does that stop the officer from giving you a ticket? The answer to that is no, you still get a ticket and you learn the lesson. (Hosea 4:6, Matthew 22:29) We parish because we do not gain understanding and knowledge of God’s Word. One thing I admire still to this day is Shane’s absolute fearlessness when it comes to the promises of God. I can say that when it comes to finding jobs or relationships I am pretty fearless. The trust I have in God far out ways the fear of being penniless or with no relationship, etc. GOD IS GREATER than ALL THINGS!!


We are Nothing

Today I had some realizations. God is so good to give understanding in kindness and love. I was listening to a sermon when I was prompted with the question at what point do you trust anything that is you???  The Bible states that the heart deceives and we are to never lean on our own understanding. From the tongue comes the the true heart, yet the tongue tells lies. The Word of God states that it is better to cut of the hand if it is in sin. Now that doesn’t mean chop off body parts, it means that it is better to go without than to sin. We are to do only TWO things, OBEY God and to TRUST Him. There is nothing that can hurt, destroy, upset, or bind you when you simply do these two things. I recently lost my fiance, and since I have had many heartbreaks and disappointment in my life and since Shane was taken home to Heaven. Create the habits that exude TRUST and OBEDIENCE to God. Stay humble and broken before God. He seems to keep bringing me back to this point over and over. No matter your status, no matter your position in life God can keep you humble in so many ways. I find that the more He stands strong with me, the more things I realize He is humbling me. God is so good. Life with Him is a choice. You have only ONE free will in this life. TO FOLLOW JESUS OR NOT. Subsequently, every choice after that falls only under one of these two categories. Nothing about you is for you. Your entire body can deceive you and trick you. That is why we must TRUST and OBEY on God MORE than you want to have something, or do something, or give up, or cave in, or breakdown.


In humility I bow, because Your love comes wave after wave. Crashing over me crashing over me. You are for us, You are not against us. Champion of Heaven You made a way for all to enter in. You make me Brave. You make me Brave. You call me out beyond the shore into the waves. You make me brave,  no fear can hinder now the promises You made a way. You make me brave, You make me brave.


God I love You, I worship You Jesus with all that I have inside of me. Every single beat of my heart, breath in my lungs, and fiber of my being belongs to You. I thank You for Your provisions and care, and the grace and mercy and love you show me daily. Without You I am nothing. I need You every second of the day and night until You take me home. Thank You Jesus, thank You Father, thank You Holy Spirit. In Jesus Holy and Precious name, AMEN!