Interview with Vick Tipnes 

I was so honored and had the utmost pleasure of having a few minutes of Mr. Vick Tipnes today.  Click the link and watch our brief interview about the keys to Mr. Tipnes success of the nation’s largest in home sleep study company, Blackstone Medical. Thank you again for sharing some of your story, I look forward to our future interviews!!! #YEAROFHARVEST #FREEDOM #TNT #TodayNotTomorrow #BigVision #LifeLessons 

Interview with Vick Tipnes 7/20/17


Interview with Steve Farrell 

Just had a phenomenal meeting and quick interview with Steve Farrell one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Tampa Bay area.  And he is for a REASON!!! Thank you so much Steve for your time and your interview. Looking forward to more to come! (Up load audio soon) #YEAROFHARVEST #TNT #TodayNotTomorrow  #BigVision  #LifeLessons #BreedingSuccess #OVERTHETOP #FREEDOM

Breaking the Cycle

Searching For Answers

Over 90% of the world’s population build the dreams of others. They punch the clock and trade time for money, get benefits, vacation time,etc. The person that makes the most money is the CEO. Others choose the 24/7. They open their own business and have a high investment for high reward. They become married to the job, if they don’t work they don’t eat. They fight the statistic that over 90% of all business fail within the first 5 years. So what’s they key? I have been both an employee and a traditional business owner. I still never found myself living the life I was born to live. So what is the key? Leverage!!! Network!!! The wealthiest top 1% of the world build relationships not business. Click the link about and tell me what you think of my new video!

A Champion’s Attitude 

​A Champion’s attitude is “Whatever it takes.” Champions don’t negotiate victory. They bear any burden & pay the price in the name of victory long before the game started. Don’t wait to be discouraged to decide whether you’re going to continue. Make a decision about it. Decide before the battle begins that you’re going to be still standing at the end of it. You might be bloody, you might be bruised, your body might be sore but you’re not going to stop. 
Champions train mentally to push through the pain. I discovered that the pain of falling short is nothing compared to the shame of stopping short. There’s nothing worse than could’ve been or would’ve been…

I’ve said it many times before. Half the battle is just staying in the game. 
Unfortunately amateurs avoid pain & seek escape. We champions are the warriors of this world. But you have to prepare the ground for what God wants to do in your life. The preparation both mental & physical, make us unstoppable & ferocious in the pursuit of our goals. Remember, If you’re not dead then God’s not done !