Move or be Moved

My thoughts at this time is consuming.  You know one of the slick ways the enemy throws you from your path and hinders your blessing is by complacency. That mentality of ” I worked so hard I deserve a break”. You take take that break and all of a sudden that 5 minutes turn to 1 hour, that hour into half a day, then to full days, and then weeks, so on and so forth.  This happens until you have to start all over again. Until everything you worked so hard for slipped through your fingers and you are back to square 1. That is an exhausting life.  Don’t you ever get tired of not accomplishing your goals?  I do 100%!! Just because I’m writing this doesn’t absolve me from this ever happening.  If you aren’t going forward then you are falling backwards. End of story!! Complacent and lazy go hand in hand followed abruptly by fear.  Yes, I said FEAR! All of a sudden reality smacks you awake even though your eyes were open.  When you realize your back at the bottom and you have to fight that fight again. When you have to go through the muck and the junk and people who use your temporary back slide to remind you that you should stop trying, you should stay down, you should quit bc you can’t seem to follow through with the dream and goal you told everyone you were going to do. You only have 2 options.  MOVE or BE MOVED.  It all lands on you.  Fear will grip you like a vice and hold you in your stagnant complacent fall. Guess what? If you do not make a conscious choice to get out of that fear, to break those lazy habits you formed, to step out of complacency every day you slide further away then even your original starting point. Years will go by wasted. For most people they lose lifetimes never really living they way they want to live or doing what they want to do. It’s black and white with not even the slightest bit of gray.  You’re either moving forward or sliding backwards.  The choice is only yours to make. 


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