A Champion’s Attitude 

​A Champion’s attitude is “Whatever it takes.” Champions don’t negotiate victory. They bear any burden & pay the price in the name of victory long before the game started. Don’t wait to be discouraged to decide whether you’re going to continue. Make a decision about it. Decide before the battle begins that you’re going to be still standing at the end of it. You might be bloody, you might be bruised, your body might be sore but you’re not going to stop. 
Champions train mentally to push through the pain. I discovered that the pain of falling short is nothing compared to the shame of stopping short. There’s nothing worse than could’ve been or would’ve been…

I’ve said it many times before. Half the battle is just staying in the game. 
Unfortunately amateurs avoid pain & seek escape. We champions are the warriors of this world. But you have to prepare the ground for what God wants to do in your life. The preparation both mental & physical, make us unstoppable & ferocious in the pursuit of our goals. Remember, If you’re not dead then God’s not done ! 


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