Hard Truth

The hardest part for me is believing and knowing the capacity of an individual and they have a 101 lamest reasons why they “can’t” succeed. I used to be one of these ppl, so you can’t lie to me, just yourself. 



There’s do much always going on. Pretty crazy stuff. This morning I was so locked into Creflo Dollar it was just amazing.  And refreshing to have a Word from God be so accurate.  You know, even in my faults God’s love abounds. Seriously, it was swift and exact to a thought I was having no more than an hour before I watched his sermon.  Not even just that, things I was thinking over the past few weeks.  I found myself caught in this cycle of trying to “work” my way into blessings. I’m not praying enough, I’m not studying enough, I’m not taking about Him enough, etc. Therefore, I’m not seeing the results a really want.  Hey guys, I’m there but not all the way there.  I get suckered into the easy lies of the enemy. Distraction is the biggest tool of the enemy.  Turning what is good into a sinful cycle, restraining progress. This doesn’t negate the fact that in order to have a full life of abundance you must do 3 things.  Trust God, Obey Him, and Worship Him. To do these things you have to study His Word, seek His presence, and share the Good News of Jesus. So, YOU ARE ENOUGH!! And that doesn’t mean that if there are areas you are slacking in it absolutely doesn’t mean that God isn’t with you or hearing you. Just…. get out of your way and let go of the steering wheel. 

A Champion’s Attitude 

​A Champion’s attitude is “Whatever it takes.” Champions don’t negotiate victory. They bear any burden & pay the price in the name of victory long before the game started. Don’t wait to be discouraged to decide whether you’re going to continue. Make a decision about it. Decide before the battle begins that you’re going to be still standing at the end of it. You might be bloody, you might be bruised, your body might be sore but you’re not going to stop. 
Champions train mentally to push through the pain. I discovered that the pain of falling short is nothing compared to the shame of stopping short. There’s nothing worse than could’ve been or would’ve been…

I’ve said it many times before. Half the battle is just staying in the game. 
Unfortunately amateurs avoid pain & seek escape. We champions are the warriors of this world. But you have to prepare the ground for what God wants to do in your life. The preparation both mental & physical, make us unstoppable & ferocious in the pursuit of our goals. Remember, If you’re not dead then God’s not done ! 

Dead of Night

I often imagine my future…. which countries I’ll go to…what legacy I’ll leave for my kids and their children….. if Jesusv will come back before my kids live long full lives…. I ponder the next steps in my business and the ease of obstacles within the next few years for my now blended family. I am getting to points where sleep has become a distant acquaintance yet tired is a dear friend. Wealth comes with work and diligence. Funny, the bigger I grow in business the easier it is to see others transparently. Seeing their next 5 to 10 year outcome in life by a single conversation. I feel God’s pull on my heart… He’s jealous need for my attention. My demeanor has changed. Matured to hearing Him robustly and shifting gears.  God works in seasons.  So many points of scripture attest to this. (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, Matthew 13:3) God refers to His Word and His church as a HARVEST and as a flock. Still yet we are judged by our fruit.  You will go through life focused on individual tasks appointed by God. There’s a time to sleep and gain rest… there’s a time to focus and work hard… there’s time for family and friends… and time to sit silent and still. God meant to live life in abundance. (John 10:10) Not everyone grasps this concept.  God will give you the chance, and you decide if you take it. FAITH is the substance of things HOPED for, the EVIDENCE of things unseen. (Hebrews 11:1) First you must have hope that you can and will the result of putting hope into anything is faith that it will come to pass in reality. If you don’t BELIEVE that you won’t have anymore debt, or will have peace of mind, or that you’ll get that promotion then God has no obligation to make sure the desires of your heart are met. The only thing that moves Him to fulfill His promise to us if we fulfill what we are called to do which is solely trust and rely on Him. You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person. You ever hear that?  There’s more action steps needed to take.  God can put the one person you need to make or break your next level in life and you’re too stuck in your head to realize it. God needs you to SHOW Him you have faith in Him by taking action. So what are you waiting around for?? Make your next move!!