I am NOT Perfect

I get super frustrated with many things. I am going to keep it real with you guys. An unorganized house is one of them. I mean rip my hair out, bite someone’s heads off, screaming meltdown inside of me happens. That is what happens inside of me when I see junk mail on the counters (aka trash) or dishes in the sink. I literally rage inside when others just walk by messes or half finish projects.  I keep my cool and just get to work. I cannot rest even if I am laying down if I know that I haven’t completed a task even if my body and mind are so tired I choose to finish it the next day, I have a restless sleepless night. I was raised on the grounds see something needed to get done …. just do it. I am working on ingraining this into my children as I raise them. It has been the most beneficial in every aspect of my life. Most of all in business. My youngest is 2, and he is much like me in many ways. He needs to be matching all the time. He gets super frustrated when things aren’t up to standard for him. He compartmentalizes things….. everything has a place. Sometimes, things aren’t right unless I do them. he is the same way about a few things now. I do love his way of things though. He will do very well in business, law, or medicine if he chooses. My oldest is 10 and she is the exact opposite. She is learning quickly through chores that she cannot just be a hot mess. I do love her extremely girly ways and how she is open and will speak her mind. Now, take our very tough personalities and  quickly merge them with semi opposite personalities. Pray with me for balance and peace.  Don’t get things twisted. I love my life. I love my guy and our 5 kids (I have 2 he has 3). I love my business and helping others, but until the move is complete and everything is in it’s place I will still battle my inner flip outs.


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