Cry Babies in America (USA)

I miss you guys!!!! I have been having many mini messages throughout the day …. then I think, wow this would make an awesome blog. Then I run out of time in my day or I get distracted. I think that many people are like the Israelites that where still mentally trapped in their mind as a state of slavery. People as a whole are bound by ignoragnce, class status, lables from society. Even when they have been set to another path, at least it seems that way. Have you heard about the “radicals” protesting and mobbing the streets of America? Such cry babies!!! There has never been an outburst so vexing to a population during an elecoral win that I know in of in the USA. Like a child punished by a parent, there is nothing that we can do about it the fact that it happened. I would like to point out scripturally that God is not just in control of ALL THINGS, but I had a serious concern for Clinton coming into office. She stood behind the next world war. I don’t believe many know that….. or choose to believe it. Genesis 12:3, 49:9 and Numbers 24:9 all speak of those who curse Israel God will curse. We were lead as a nation by Obama to be the recipient of that when he broke the treaty with Israel stating to Iran that we would not come to their aid if Iran waged war to Israel. Secretly backed by none other than Clinton. God mercifully saved us and allotted us more time to get right with Him by putting Trump into office. I personally rather have a business tycoon that is finding Jesus more in his life and following Him than anyone else. Revelation 13 pictates in detail the dragon of the sea with feet like a bear and mouth of a lion. When Russia decided (unofficially) to come to the aid of Syria and then join forces with China…… guys we were headed to it quick.  As a nation we deserved that actually. God is good AT ALL TIMES. These people out there blocking the streets and looting and committing violence to others. Or finally letting their true colors out and threatening those of other races. Well….. using the election to show your evil is a sad twisted way of proving exactly why Trump was elected. To think that Trump will stand behind you because of your outburst or warped mindset I say this…… NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS. HAHAHAHA you honestly think an INTERNATIONAL BILLIONAIRE believes these white supremacy crap is what he is about?!?!?!? OUT OF YOUR EVER LIVING MIND! No way… he would have never gotten where he is in life if he was. You think he is going to lead that way??? Trump is a secret christian. At least a growing one. Rough edges and a tough past…. we as a whole, we need exactly that!! Like an unrulely child that has strict parents. It’s necessary to keep them on a straight path. We as a nation are the prodigal son. We’ve left a good place…. got cocky and egotistical…. prideful and frankly soft. We whine when we don’t agree and throw tantrums when we don’t get our way. Frankly it is stomach wrenching to even watch or hear about. I skip over the terrible crap on my news feeds and don’t ever watch the news now. The world is watching us act this way, and quite directly as a nation we are showing our @**.  GROW UP!!! When 70% of the protesters AREN’T EVEN REGISTERED TO VOTE?!?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Shut up and sit down weak links!!! To make a real difference actually take the steps needed to make the difference you seek. I suggest going into your house and not leaving for days and study hard the Word of God AKA the BIBLE!!! Only then will there be more understanding of not only how our government opperates but I know you’ll understand the God has given us the gift of time….. to come back to Him.


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