Be not Afraid 

This relates on so many levels in life.  The biggest one is the authority God gives us to have dominion over ALL things, excluding Heavenly things.  Reason we were created was to be the head and not the tail. Don’t fear people or thoughts of them.  They don’t matter.  What matters is what God thinks and what He says to you and about you. Do not fear satan or his army. You are GIVEN AUTHORITY to command them in the name of JESUS, back to the pit of hell. Don’t question it or doubt it. Also, this relays into business and work.  What is your calling?  What are you doing to get there? Is fear holding you back from great success?  God rus my life,  because He does success is inevitable. God WINS period! Godo lead me to help people open successfully international business, but only those who want it. …. want to change their lives and family trees. This is just the beginning,  I know it. He didn’t say it wasn’t WORK… I started building my business part time, like you can,  He did say with helping others success will come financially, relationships I make,  connections,  and most of all telling others of how Jesus changed my life and can theirs.  Leave a comment to find out more. 


One thought on “Be not Afraid 

  1. I love this. I believe strongly in the healing power of Christ. Often times people tell me that if that’s true then why am I a therapist? Isn’t God enough to heal? But a lot of people don’t walk in faith and need a helping hand. I feel it is my calling to support that mission. Thank you for sharing the ties of God’s love with our WORK!

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