So as sit in the office, listening to a conversation of chains. It’s really is becoming difficult to not want to jump up and shake ppl. JESUS IS THE WAY! Ohhhh man, guys this is CRITICAL. They talk of their relationships and having controlling issues. Trying to be supportive and caring. Speaking of different backgrounds being the foundation. Prime example of what Jesus says not to do. WIVES must first SUBMIT TO YOUR HUSBANDS. THEN husbands love your wives as Christ loves the church. Understand that you can’t at all not be PROVERBS 31. GOOGLE NOW what that is. What good is it to council yourself? What good is it to write to yourself as a child? That’s RIDICULOUS. This thought of self help. God is all good but things, gives only good things, even if it chastisement of the ones He loved dearly. Understand this guys, seriously, God is the ANSWER to EVERY problem. Nothing you can do can provide what Jesus died for. Which is HAPPINESS, FREEDOM, JOY, PURPOSE, ETC. This has been 6 hrs of craziness. HOLY SPIRIT come and take over this place. Arrest these hearts and bring understanding.


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