What Are You Doing?


So there are a few words I have for this.  1) This isn’t how to spread the Word of God.
2) Scripture says to be fishers of men,  not cleaner of fish. (This means plant the seed let God do the rest) Matthew 4:19 and Mark 1:17

Nonetheless,  this is something I spoke to Shane about only on 3 occasions. The first 2 occasions we both ended  in agreement on this tactic not being Scriptural. (It’s absolutely not) On the 3rd occasions his tone was different.  I knew what he was going to say.  I felt it too. (Holy Spirit speaking) He got quiet and told me this,” What are you/we doing about it? ” See this is devotion and passion for faith and belief. (Albeit it incorrect) Immediately after Shane said this, Holy Spirit dropped in me this, “Don’t talk,  Do”. So prompted now is WHAT ARE YOU DOING? What are we doing, you and I, for Jesus? How are we the hands and feet? How are we planting the seeds? Let God change a heart.  After all….. only He can.  We tell others in love and mercy and grace,  the way Jesus showed us.  So. … what are you doing?


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