Mustard Seed


It’s been a journey, one that has been full of mountains, valleys,  strength,  courage,  faith, and trust. I’ve had my share of disobedience, pride, arrogance, and judgements. I can tell you that walking in Faith and standing strong in the Truth isn’t easy. Yesterday,  the transmission went out on my car that still has paper tags. Let me just say,  I was forced into a car after something wrong happened and I should have consulted an attorney first.  Anyway,  the transmission went, and God has been faithful to arrange people in my life (mostly from my job) to assist in driving to and from work. This afternoon,  I had to Uber (form of taxi for those who don’t know) from the office I work from 2 days a week. It’s an hour and 10 minutes from my house. My owner was so awesome and let me use the company Uber account. Blessed so much already just right there.  Total divine appointment happens.  After opening up the app to request pick up 3 times  then delaying it because we still had some straggling patients. I finally requested Uber pick up as the last patient was checking out. I gathered everything I needed to bring to our home office I work at the other 3 days a week and left. Climbing into the car a very polite and friendly  gentleman greets me and we begin the hour and some long journey home. We begin to talk about life and work and kids. I listen with keen ears, grasping at every moment God was with him. His testimony was incredible and reviving.  Bringing hope and strengthening my faith,though I never told him this. From 17 to 21 he battled bone cancer and a grapefruit sized tumor on his right knee. At the age of 21 cancer came back. After more rounds of chemo and radiation he then had to undergo 12 years of steroids. God is faithful! During this time he went to college majored in business management and minor in hospitality. Graduating college, his cousin owned a title company in FL and paid for him to move here and 1 years rent.  6 months in the industry started to tank and his cousin gave him 10k and had to release him. GOD IS FAITHFUL! So he became a manager of an Arby’s and that grew to 12 locations. In a particular location a man kept coming in only on days he was there. Finally, one day this man offered him a position as a  manager of his Chick-fil-A dropping his schedule to just 1 store but a 10% raise in his salary. This was a risk in his career, GOD IS FAITHFUL. The franchise grew and now he manages 3 locations. He met his wife whom was a manager at one of the locations. Upon telling the owner of the engagement, he insisted they just for fun go price everything they would want for their dream wedding. After giving his boss the breakdown of the cost $33,898.00 he never anticipated to find a check in an envelope marked only with his name for 34,000 in his mailbox. For helping his boss achieve his life long dreams he wanted to bless them. GOD IS FAITHFUL! A week or so later he finds another envelope marked only with his name. Separately, the bosses wife bought them their honeymoon. 2 week European cruise. GOD IS FAITHFUL! He was told that he wouldn’t have kids because of all the chemo and radiation, but his wife actually was the one who couldn’t due to medical issues. After 3 years of trying medically to have children they were told to give up by the Dr. Broken, they came home and prayed to God to bless them with a child. A week later she went in sick to the Dr office and found out she was pregnant. GOD IS FAITHFUL! A year later having a second child.  He began to work for Uber on the side initially because he wanted to take his wife on her dream vacation to bora bora,  but the money was so good he continued and is putting that money towards college for his kids and stashing just in case. He was given a place to live by a friend just covering the cost basic costs until he found a house. Finding a dream house, they ended up fighting for in court and winning it. Appraised at a little more than double what they paid for it plus the court and repair fees. Roughly all together paid 200k and the house was worth over 400k. I was amazed,  turning to him and saying,”you are so incredibly blessed.” This lead into the are you a believer and follower of Jesus conversation. Raised a Catholic,  he wasn’t “religious ” (thank God). He wasn’t an avid church goer. He admittedly stated that he didn’t live a life devoted to being close to God. His testimony moved me so thoroughly, I pondered how he wasn’t closer to God. I liked this guy as a person,  I admired him and his life journey. He brought me hope and strength and a message from God even if he didn’t realize it.  I hope to know him better as we have found a potential way to work together. I mulled or over and over the entire conversation. God kept bringing to me Faith the size of a mustard seed.  This man wasn’t a radical believer, but he knew well enough to pray and believe and trust God. Taking leaps of faith with every step and milestone in his life. GOD IS FAITHFUL! When all odds are against you by the world’s standards,  GOD IS FAITHFUL! If you trust God and believe He can and will handle things for you and do not waiver. ….. even the smallest amount of faith will produce the biggest blessings you ever could have imagined. Through all things, GOD IS FAITHFUL!



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