Off by a Millimeter, Off by a Mile


So I love in Florida, the great sunshine state. Beaches, activities,  theme parks, aaaannndddd golf. After all we are also the retirement state. I am a terrible golfer. Haha,  I have good drive and distance (if I connect the golf club to the ball) but horrible direction and minimal finesse for putting. Nonetheless, I have been around golfing most of my life in some way. And there is a term used when learning to golf. Off by a millimeter off by a mile. You see, when you hit the ball and I’d you’re  turned slightly to the left or right or angled up or down it changes the entire direction of the path of the ball. Even if you’re  off by a millimeter. Faith,  belief,  and doctrine is the same way. You can’t, from the root of it, be slightly to the left or to the right.  It changes the entire course and direction you are going. There are only 2 places to end up. If you’re not right, you’re wrong.  If it’s not truth, it’s  a lie. The Bible is entirely true and correct. God cannot lie. When He speaks,  it is. There is no such thing as “gray” in the Word of God. No maybe point. If it doesn’t align with the Word or reflect the Word 100% completely, then it’s not truth. Therefore, wrong from the beginning.(1 Kings 18:21) That’s why the Word says study to be approved!(2 Timothy 2:15)  This is a point of discernment.  How to understand if what you allow to be fed to you is correct doctrine.  (2 John 1:10, 2 Timothy 4:2, Romans 16:17-20)



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