Can’t Breathe!

So I work with a multi fadscet single source medical practice. Meaning,  we have chiropractic , family med, holistic med, physical therapy, a lab, massage therapy, pain management, orthopedic, and anti aging. All under one roof.  Today is double and triple booked across the board for all departments.  Soooo
God I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank You Father for this day. Thank You God for growing and building the practice,  ensuring my job. Thank You Jesus for the peace, calm,  and ability to handle the work load. Thank You Holy Spirit for keeping a sound  mind today.  I love You Father, I love You Jesus, I love You Holy Spirit. Use me,  use my life to bring You Glory in the most epic ways Father. All honor, praise, and worship goes to you God, to You Jesus. Thank You! All these things I seek and I ask in Jesus name. AMEN



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